I do not usually comment on Ghanaian politics but when I do, I get in trouble. All the time. The state of Ghanaian politics can be perfectly explained as going to amateur night at a comedy club and watching wannabe comics try out new material with you. Petty, pathetic, fun yet awkward. But can you really blame the comics, they are only starting out.

Per my recollection, Ghanaians did not experience real democracy till ex-President John Kuffour came into power. Prior to his inauguration, the country has seen military control, colonialism and an extensive history of authoritarian rule. He encouraged dialogue. I remember ads explaining to the citizens what it means to really be in a democratic state. If we are being really honest, democracy did not take place till 2001. So we have had 15 years of 'speaking our minds" without the risk of disappearing or being tortured (because that used to happen, yeah).

15 years is not a long time to learn much about democracy and how it works so I give people a pass when they attack me for stating my opinions about politics and let it slide. America has had 250 years plus of democracy and yet people still struggle with free speech and it's implications to this day. When I decided to blog for fun, I opened myself up for critics and I am okay with that.

What I am not okay with it, is people threatening me and wishing me ill will because I stated AN OPINION. One of my readers asked me why I don't comment on Ghanaian politics. I am Ghanaian and I love Ghana. No matter where in the world I go, home for me is Ghana. So I care what the political climate looks like. I care how the economy is faring. I care about the unemployment rate and people understanding how government works.

What I do not care for is people assuming you are either for one political party or against it, when you register your displeasure about a topic. NPP people swear I am an NDC supporter. And when I criticized John Mahama's mediocre track record and the new interchange at Nkrumah circle, a few people called me naïve, a bitch and encouraged me to "wear my NPP cloak".

Insert evidence :

This was the comment directed to me and from a supposed "NPP social communications director" on the post of my friend. I expressed my displeasure at George Andah's (who is someone I greatly admire) statement in relation to his opponent's marital status. I like George Andah but I do not think he is the right guy for the member of parliament job (for the district I lived in when I was a teen). I do not like his opponent Hannah Tetteh for the job either because she has been in government for years yet I can not pinpoint exactly what she does. I stated that taking jabs at your opponent's marital status in a country where marriage determines the level of respect you get and social status was wrong and unnecessary. So Mr. Calvin thought it was wise to tell me to "curse the day I was born". I happen to like my birthday a lot so I don't even know what to say to that. (Was that supposed to be an insult?). Yet he is a COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR OF THE MAJOR OPPOSITION PARTY. How do you have Hillary Clinton's photo as display picture yet support a guy when he makes a sexist comment?

So when you ask me why I don't often comment on Ghanaian politics, I will point you to the direct message I got today telling me and I quote, "YOU ARE A BITCH". Like tell me something different.


Such a long way to go.