Hi loves, so this girl went on another trip. A refresher, really. Did not start really good but if you are me, you may hay while the sun is shining and when the thunder is rolling.

I made a promise myself to take it very easy this year. Work for a few months and take a week of every quarter and so far, 2 quarters down and I have kept my word. Where will I go next? We live to see.

So what was I doing in Miami? Never have been (can you believe that?) so I was very excited to catch some sun. So imagine my surprise when I get to Miami and it is raining. And it rained. And rained for all the 3 days! But that did not change my plans. So okay, I didn't get to wear my blue bikinis but I wore my beach dress so same, same.

I visited the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, former winter house of American industrialist James Deering and oh my God. Such opulence. I could smell the aroma of fresh bank notes in the air. It is one of those estates that just sprawl right into the ocean. Photos below (scroll to see more):

The estate is so beautiful and Instagram-worthy, that you would have to try really, really hard to take a bad photo. His taste was just impeccable.

And then off I went to Wynwood Walls in Wynwood, Miami. So what do you do when a neighborhood is deteriorating  and gentrification is threatening to take over? Have a bunch of artists paint it's walls and turn the entire neighborhood into a giant, wonderful canvas! More areas should consider doing this, really. Photos incl. below:

And can I add that I had the best tacos in the world at Coyo Taco in Wynwood. Even taco haters loved it. Churros, guac and tortilla chips too because why not?

Following day, I went to Crandon Park beach but it was empty and almost deserted because of the rain but it became my own private beach so I stayed for a few hours. The Miami ocean is the calmest ocean, I have ever witnessed in my life. One of friends swore it was a river because of how calm it was. The ocean matches the city. Miami is kind of flat and quiet. I can see why older people move to Florida to enjoy their retirement. Good weather, good food, much to do and nice.

I went to Nikki Beach and the South pier which is littered with luxury condos (and you are not allowed anywhere near the property if you are not a resident. DUH!) and Fisher Island on the West. Fisher Island requires it's resident to pay a whopping $250,000 a year just to exist on the Island minus property taxes and mortgage. So yeah. A night in a hotel will cost you just around $1300 a night. I was happy observing it from a safe place. Imagine my surprise when a giant cruise boat just happen to pass by with screaming kids. whew! I. WOULD. NEVER.GET ON THAT.SKYSCRAPPER.ON.WATER.  Photos incl. below:

I also went on the water! No, not jet skiing silly. On a tour boat. And wow. Star Island, which should be called Celebrity Homes Island had the best beach homes ever. My favorite memory from that boat ride was seeing Will Smith's Navy Blue yacht. My Goodness.


Miami was good to me. Miami has my heat and I will be returning again for the Art Basel because why not??