RESOLUTION (n): A firm decision to do or not to do something
— -Oxford Dictionary.

It is officially 2017! We made it. The oh so dreaded year 2016 is over. 2016, I heard was a bad year for a lot of people. Personally, it was a good year for me and I believe it was because of a decision I made earlier in the year.


The next few weeks is going to be hectic. Gyms will be full, churches and other places of worship will see an increase. Businesses will open on time and employees will be punctual. Shirts will be crisply ironed and hairstyles will not have any flyways. We will all be on our best behavior because NEW YEAR, NEW ME.


Instead of writing a long list of things you want to have in 2017, here is what you should do.

  • FOCUS ON "BEING": If you want to finally get a degree in 2017, you can start by working on work-life-balance to make way for researching colleges/touring colleges. The small change of balancing your family time and work time will prove to you if you are indeed ready to take that jump. A lot of resolutions look good on paper but do we really want them? And if we do, do we have the time and logistics to achieve them?


  • USE "SMART": In business, the acronym SMART is used a lot. Every plan or idea in business needs to pass the SMART test but here, apply it to your life. S for specific goals you want to achieve, M for measurable, A for achievable, R for realistic and T for time/time oriented. For setting your personal objectives, this can be used in a simpler form. Let's say I want to be Oprah and eat bread everyday but lose 40 pounds (sounds like a dream). If your new year resolution is to lose weight, you should ask," How many pounds will I like to lose? Will that figure fit my idea of being fit? Do I have the time or patience for it? Why do I want to eat bread everyday and lose weight or lose weight at all? When do I expect to be satisfied with my results? And we apply the first point, an additional question will be, how am I doing this? Let me be the first to say, my goals usually don't make it past the R because I talk myself out of a lot of things. But also because a lot of our resolutions aren't aligned with our reality. I would love nothing more than to finally learn how to run and wear Lululemon yoga pants whiles doing poses. But I work 62 hours a week. How do I achieve this without planning? Exactly. It won't happen if I don't run my plan through this SMART test. This simple test will tell you if those beautifully written resolutions are viable. Use the acronym to narrow down pressing concerns that must be addressed immediately to improve your life. As time goes on, let your inner dreamer run wild.


  • LIFE WILL HAPPEN: We all love to control our lives. Whether you admit it or not, we love to be in the know of our lives. However, things will happen beyond your control. It is life. So while I want you to live your best life possible, remember that I tried to write this post 4 times before I finally got this final draft because my computer decided to restart itself and freeze whenever it liked. A typical example. So yes, be the best employee, boss, astronaut, mother, dad, teacher but come June 2017 if you have achieved everything you want to, it is okay. Life happened. Keep pushing. You are giving it your best shot. Don't talk yourself into a depression. You are doing well. Always ask the what ifs as insurance. This practice always made me extra prepared to hit the ground with no cushion. It does not make you a pessimist. It makes you a realist. You want to move out to a new place later this year. What if you get fired? Or laid off? Are you good on the savings front? Be always ready. Start preparing now for that what if.


  • POSTIVE ENERGY: This is so cliché yet true. As a man thinketh, so is he. And yes, it is a verse from the Bible. Whatever you put your energy to, you will receive. If you dream of making 20% more revenue from your business than last year, that is exactly what you will get. Your energy will make you increase your activity by only 20%. Practice speaking only positivity into your life daily. If anyone is stressing you out, fix that. You can't have anything draining you of that energy. Speak it, want it, work towards it and it is yours. That simple. I see this blog growing over 200% in this year. So more blog posts. More "coming out of my shell" posts. And more activity to achieve that. So are you spending your energy on arguing with a boyfriend all through this year, frowning at work all day because you hate your job or complaining about things you can change? All up to you.


Afehyia Pa.

Happy New Year.

Live In The Moments.

Savor Them.

Be a better you.