Happy New Year loves. It is officially 2018. It's a new dawn and a new day & we are hopefully feeling good. Did you catch that reference?? No? Yeah?


This year, I want to make my intentions known to myself and the universe. I want to be a novelist. It has been a huge passion of mine and I am currently working on my first novel. 

Think crime, African superstition, religion and mystery set in a long, long, long time ago. Did I just reveal my plot?? Half of it, maybe.  

I have enjoyed learning how to write and journey I am on. I really love doing this. I can confidently say that I have stepped into my purpose. And I want the universe to rise up to this intention. 

But I need you. If you come across or need any work done in the area of writing scripts, short stories, blog contributions or anything similar, draw my attention to it or hire me if it's your project.  

I will be the first to say that I am green in the literary world but not a novice. In the last two years, I have been a blog contributor and interviewer for a few blogs. If you look all the way down to the bottom left side of this blog, you will notice a badge. I have done and learned a lot from being a member of BlogHer. 

Slightly above that, is a tab of all my blog posts for your consideration. I would love to be on a TV show's writing team. It will be such a pleasure to write dialogues in shows that represent the times we live in. I would also love to work on papers and features.

I am learning and I'm growing. So help be my eyes out there. If you come across a call for any writing jobs relevant to the above mentioned, tag me in it on social media. Email me. Draw my attention to it.

If it is your project, email me using the form on this blog or at nanaashantiinfo@gmail.com

Need a blurb? Hire me!

Script? Hire me!

Short stories & essays? Hire me, always!

I have included some writing samples for further reading.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and i hope you work on your goals this year. With zeal.

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