I have admitted that I do not understand Trump supporters. I do not understand how anyone can possibly support any of his policies. But we are all wired differently.

Everyday, I dedicate a rather obscene amount of hours to social media. I am keeping abreast with the news. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. A large majority of my audience are Africans, of course so my social media sees the opinions of several Africans posted daily.

I found it shocking that a few of my readers and online friends are Trump supporters. The most shocking part is that none of them are American nor have they ever lived in the United States.

What makes Trump's presidency attractive to these Africans?

Let me say this. The majority of Africans are homophobic "Christians". Almost 500 million out of 1 billion Africans are Christian.

Conservative, hypocritical, middle class, self-righteous and sexist. It is like living in a red state, filled with self-righteous yet hypocritical Republicans who quote the bible when it suits them while ignoring the parts that don't. These are my people so take my word for it.

I do not know who told them that Trump was against homosexuality or "immorality" yet that seem to be the selling point. I saw a status posted by one of these African Trump supporters and it was quite laughable. The pop singer Rihanna had referred to Trump as a "pig" and so our dear supporter was defending him and I quote "Trump will ban naked dressing from America". If you missed that it means, our dear supporter believes Trump will ban pop artistes and the general pubic from suggestive dressing or nudity.

Now, in this era of fake news it is not surprising to see where people get their information from. All our dear Trump supporters had to see was a fake news article saying Trump is a Christian and they were sold! Because to them, America is this evil, highly sexual land with gay people crawling around so yes, united in hate. And to them, the world must be rid of these "behaviors".

NEWSFLASH: Trump is NOT a Christian. I can bet you that he had never opened a Bible till he stated running for President and was required to talk about God by his equally hate-filled party. He went to Temple University (a staunch Christian college) on his campaign trail and was required to read a verse from Corinthians. Mr. Trump started reading and that was when I knew, this guy has never opened King James version nor does he know what NIV is.

He said TWO CORINTHIANS instead of SECOND CORINTHIANS and he had to be corrected(look for video on YouTube).

Any Christian, no matter your faith can at least read and quote the Bible properly.


Thrice married. Cheated on both wives and "moving on another like a bitch (his words not mine)" when his current wife was pregnant.


You know what he is?


Yup, like myself.

Liberal, go-getter, workaholic and "I don't care" like my Ghanaian people say.

Ask New Yorkers what their views are on abortion, immigration, religion and same sex marriage, most of us will say, "I don't care. Let people do what they want".

He has flip flopped so many times on reproductive rights that even a blind man can see that he has no stance at all. He simply does not care. His former opponent Ted Cruz accused him of having "New York values" and he was right. All we care about is, "Show me the money" and "When is the deli opening? I need a Arizona and a bacon-egg and cheese sandwich".

NEWSFLASH: HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. It is obvious that Trump only cares about implementing policies of white supremacists, rich people and the Republicans who support him. For Africans, I doubt he wants to willingly continue to give aid or help to affected and war-torn countries including Sudan and Libya. In his first "shock event", he banned refugees from 7 countries including 3 FROM AFRICA.

Refugees, citizens and permanent residents of the US from Libya, Somalia and Sudan are banned from entering the USA.


These are people being persecuted by jihadists and extremists. These are our skinfold who have been axed from entering the land of opportunity.

Libya used to be the hope of Africa. The country where the destitute ran to. Take a good look at Libya today after the US invasion. And then turn around to reject these people and rob them of the only thing they have-HOPE.

That is the man you support.

Feeling comfortable in your country?

You do not know what will happen to your country or where you may seek refuge.

Al-Shabab and Boko Haram are terrorizing countries in West and East Africa.

How long before they infiltrate your comfortable country?

Do you think you will be welcome here?

You have traded your humanity for hate.

You have traded your Christianity for fear-mongering and homophobia.

You support an individual who is implementing policies to further divide the world?


 Muslims are being persecuted and you cheer on the persecutor.

You are NOT a good neighbor.

To the Africans who support Trump, Dzi wo fi asem (mind the business of your home).




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