So I don't know how to tell you this people but yes, you will be floating in the air in a super tube-like machine for hours. That is just it. Now how do you survive it if you are a nervous flier like me or if this is your first time.

You love travel bloggers and/or traveling. But you wonder how they make it through those long hours of flying. I will tell you this: I have been on several fights just this year and we are only in April. I have two or more coming up depending on how life goes but I am always happy to go places, until I get to the airport terminal and see planes takeoff. Not my favorite thing in the world. So no, you are not alone.

Here are some foolproof tips

1. ACCEPTANCE: is always the first step. Cliché but look at it this way. You have to get to your destination as quickly as possible. The easiest and safest way to get there is on a plane. It is a bit scary, yes but it is safe. Accept that you are getting on that machine and you will be just fine.

2. BE SOBER: I have heard stories of people getting trashed on planes. People get to duty-free stores and stack up their alcohol and pop their sleep aids before boarding. Don't be that guy who in case of emergency, is looking for your oxygen masks under the seat because you were too "gone". The mask is not under your seat. I am an advocate for zero inebriation especially on flights. Don't do it. Yes you paid for the wine. Just don't do it. You will need all your faculties operating at maximum strength in case of emergency.

3. PACK ADEQUATELY: Any flight longer than 5 hours to me, is a long haul flight. Feel free to disagree but after being on 12 hour flights, I say be prepared. Pack travel size wipes, towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant and if you are bold like me, a change of clothes. Stock up on nuts and other snacks. I do not trust the water on planes so yes, bring your own. Of course, that will not make it through security checkpoints so buy water after you have checked in. Plane bathrooms are ridiculously small, no matter the class ticket you purchase so make sure you have all above mentioned items and be in and out as fast as possible. Warm socks, Blankets and earphones are a must have.

4. TRY TO RELAX: Turbulence is the worst. I will rather eat glass than sit through an hour of non-stop "potholes in the air"(this is an actual thing that happened to me on a flight to Puerto Rico). But as I have learnt, it is just clouds. Rough but still fluffy clouds. Try to relax by starting off with some music in the in-flight entertainment music portal. My favorite playlist to listen to currently is Bruno Mars' 24k Magic album. Start off with other slow and calming music before watching any movie or series in-flight. It works like magic. We all know the effects of music on the brain and for you my first timer/ nervous flier, you will need it.

5. STRETCH: After a few hours and if it's safe, get up and walk down the aisle. Stretch. Walk toward the back and if your flight attendants are cool like the ones on Delta, they will let you stand in the kitchen for a while. It is very important to feed your Fitbit, just kidding. It is very important to do a few leg raises and stretching. It promotes proper blood flow and from the lips of my mother who has a degree in everything life, it may prevent an embolism. Do this every couple or few hours (hopefully if you are in the main cabin, you chose the aisle seat).

6. SEATING: I always get the window seat. Even when I choose another seat, for some odd reason I end up by the window (I end up switching to help people's knees or accommodate certain issues my current neighbor has).And I absolutely hate it. If you can afford it, my best advice to you is to get either a business class or "comfort/plus" seat. Aside the obvious (ample leg room and privacy), these seats are much more adaptable for sleep! If I am purchasing a ticket for a long haul flight, I always play with the dates to make sure I score a good price for priority boarding and better seating. Again, if you can find a little wiggle room in your wallet for an upgrade, do it.

7. IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT: Everybody's favorite thing to do (aside stashing the pitiful snacks on flights). Hopefully, your airline is up to date with their entertainment because you will need it. Movies, documentaries, series, animation and kid-friendly, you name it. You can curate your own music playlist too on certain airlines. Bring your own earphones and sit back.

8. DESTINATION LIST: Maybe you are going on vacation, a holiday, business trip or an emergency. You have a lot of time to kill, why not make a list of what you will need to do when you finally land. Use the in-flight Wi-Fi to research what you need and connect to the world at 10,000ft or higher. I journal on planes sometimes. And the handwriting is always shaky. Mostly from nerves.

BONUS TIP: If you are not a fan of takeoff and landing, be sure to put a pillow between your lap and chest & lay your belly on it. Bend down just a bit and hold on. I don't want you to be the guy who feels like getting off when the plane starts to taxi. It will be fine. Got motion sickness? Speak to your doctor before you buy your ticket.