"Kwame, your dad hurt me," she said amid sobs.

"He bloodied my face."

Kwame's heart skipped a beat. His greatest fear was unveiling itself.

"Maa, where are you right now?" Kwame asked.

"I am at your uncle's place."

"What happened?"

" I went to our other house and I saw your father in another woman's room. I told him to leave with me right away. I took his keys which were on a table and beckoned him to come out with me and he hit me," she said.

She was still crying.

"I have always told you he has been seeing other women and you kept asking for evidence. Evidence! Now this is it. Every woman knows when her husband changes. Everything he was doing showed he was cheating."

"Now he has destroyed my vision. He has destroyed it. I can't see."

She broke down again.

"I will be there immediately."

"Don't worry. I am waiting for a taxi. I will be home soon."

"Ok. See you soon. I am also out. Adankey took me out. I will be home in no time."

"Alright. Bye son. We'll meet later," she said.

Her voice was barely audible. She tried to suppress her wailing. It barely worked.

"Bye Maa."

Kwame's mind raced. Suddenly, he felt heavy. It was as if he had been dropped in the middle of the sea, the waves were drawing him in.

Adankey noticed something wasn't right.

"Is anything the problem?".

Adankey asked.

"No, everything is fine," Kwame said.

"I just have a headache," he lied.

"Okay. Make sure you take some pain killers when you get home."

"Alright madam," he said. He feigned a smile, but his forced smile betrayed him.

Adankey did not push the matter. She let it rest.

She drove first to the man's home and finally to Kwame's. They said their goodbyes. Adankey left. Kwame was in such a great hurry that he left the packed pizza in the car.

When Kwame stepped out of the car, he was distraught now more than ever. His home had a different feel to it. The outside lights glowed dimmer, danger hung over them.

Kwame knew the lights were alright. There was no low current. It was his mood. With trepidation, he walked through the same gate he had walked through earlier in the day. What had happened to his mum? Were her eyes really out? These questions tortured him. He brought his key out and unlocked the door to the house.

The house was empty. He went straight to his room, lay in bed and thought of nothing. He did that often; whenever he felt nervous, he meditated about nothing. A few minutes later, he heard a knock on his door.

It was his mother.

She was calm now. He saw a big scar over her face. It was very deep. It was close to her left eye. Nothing had happened to the eye itself. She narrated all that ensued. She had received a call that her husband was in a lady's flat. It was their building. She went there and found him sitting on a bed. It was their marital bed; they used it before they purchased the new one. She also found some of their artifacts in the room. He and the woman were half naked. She connected the dots.

She started crying.

"You see what your father has done to me."

"Aww Maa, stop crying." He rose to console her. He patted her on her back like a child.

"I told you he was seeing another lady. You have no idea what I go through and the dreams I've been having."

Kwame was alerted. He believed in no such things like dreams. He wanted to argue but the time wasn't right.

She continued.

"He said I was making things up in my head. You think a wife wouldn't know when her husband is cheating. Everything showed he was not being faithful."

"So what are you going to say to him when he returns?" Kwame's mum asked him.


"Yes. You've seen what he has done to my face, what will you say to him?"

"Don't worry. I will talk to him. The cut is very deep. First things first. Let's go to the hospital."

She broke into sobs again.

"Your father, God will punish him. After what he has done to me, he will suffer for the rest of his life," she said.

"Can you change your clothes before we go to the hospital."

"Okay. Let me bath first."


She had her bath and wore another dress. The one she had on before was all bloody.

Kwame heard the gate open. A car entered. It was his father. His heart was racing. His thoughts were running away from him, he couldn't gather them. His mum looked at him. He knew what she wanted. A confrontation. That was one thing he didn't want to do. He reverred his father but he had to do this. It was for her.

He went out to the car.

"Good evening Father," Kwame said.

"Good evening," his father responded.

"Mummy came home with a deep cut on her face and her clothes soiled with blood. What happened?"

"What did she tell you?"

"She told me she saw you in another woman's room. She said she asked you to come with her and you beat her up."

"See what she has done to my shirt," Kwame's dad pointed a tear in his shirt as evidence.

"She's always said you were cheating on her but I supported you. You said it wasn't true. It made her cry. So I guess her story wasn't false after all."

He did not answer.

"I amvery disappointed in you," Kwame said.

"You can please yourself," his father responded.

"So much for love and your wedding vows eh," Kwame said.

is father walked away.