He looked
for a handkerchief for his face. There
were none in his wardrobe. He had to
go to mum's room. He started
towards it but remembered it was
locked. She had left the house with
the keys. So, he used his shirt. He
cleaned his face dry. He went out.

Adankey was smiling as she always
did. She was out of her car.

" Ei! Kwame where are you growing
to?" Adankey said. 

"Oh see you oh," he said.

" You've grown so tall. My head can
barely touch your shoulder."

Kwame laughed. It was the first time
he had laughed in the day.

"How are you doing my little boy?".

" I am fine. But I must tell you this; I
am no longer your little boy. You see
this." Kwame fingered his beard.

Adankey laughed.

" Look at this boy oo. Today he says I
should call him a man. You will
always be my little boy," she teased.

"How are you doing?" Kwame

" I am well. Is mummy and daddy at

" No, they're out."

"They are out "chilling" I suppose, Adankey said.

Kwame let that pass. He knew Adankey knew about his family's problems although he had not shared anything
with her.

In fact, Adankey's mother
had tried to intervene in the dispute
but failed at a settlement. She
suffered someone's wrath and
sensibly so.

She had told Kwame's
mum that she was worrying her
husband when Kwame's mum sent a
complaint of her husband's
womanizing. Kwame ignored the
question. It was more of a remark
anyway. He knew his parents had
gone their separate ways.

told him to wait for a few minutes,
she was off to pick someone else.
She sat in her car and left. It was
nice seeing her small frame behind
the steering wheel. She looked like a
teenager, in her cropped hair. Kwame
killed time by listening to songs on
his phone.

Adankey returned with a man. She
said they attended the same church.
Their conversation made it known
that there was nothing going on
between them. They were just friends.

Adankey drove them to another
house. She had the intention of
picking up another person but he was
not at home. They were going to
Eddy's Pizza. Kwame didn't know
where they were going until they
were midway through their journey.

Adankey called to place an order. She
thought that would save time. It
saved some. Kwame liked how
Adankey handled the vehicle. He
made a mental note to contact her
when he wants to learn how to drive.

                  Thanks to the pre- order, they found seats and waited to be served. They were given some bread and mayonnaise; it was to appease them.

                    Their pizza was traveling in the ovens and it would arrive soon, they were informed. Adankey bought a 2-liter bottle of Coca- cola. They sipped it and ate the bread as they waited for their meal.

                Adankey took the menu. She schooled them on the various kinds of pizza. She had ordered a "for veggie lovers" pizza. They took some pictures as they conversed. Their talk jumped from topic to topic. The food was finally served. They couldn't finish it. They took it away in a pack. The man Adankey had invited was disappointed in himself; he was unable to consume as much as he had promised. The bread did it.

They left the place a few minutes after eight. Kwame was in high spirits. They were returning when he heard his phone bell. It was his mum. He accepted the call.

" Hello Maa," he said.


                                             (WATCH THIS SPACE FOR PART 3).