How are we doing? Fine? Good because I was getting sick of consoling people (still depressed about this election). Now let's have some fun, shall we?

Holiday season is here and as such we must get our affairs in order including, our entertainment. Every Christmas, I have to see Home Alone 1 & 2. It is tradition. Last year was not a great year because Kevin McAllister was not left at home. How depressing.

Lately, re-watching old Netflix series has become an obsession. Sitting, eating and snacking mindlessly while watching Dexter sever human parts is not exactly relaxing for some but for me, it is everything.  My favorite thing though, is to watch Nollywood movies on Friday nights. It is mandatory. From YouTube to "unlisted" websites, I have watched them all.

Until I met Irokotv.

Irokotv is a subscription based service which is very popular among Africans living in the diaspora. Why it took me so long to hear about it, is still a mystery. For $14.95 a year, you get access to a world of movies and series. Yeah, cheaper than Netflix and more ummm, nostalgic.

There are 100s of movies listed on From classics like Beyoncé, Playboy, Girls' Cot and Mummy's Daughter to recently made movies, the offerings are pretty much endless. The problem with this (and Hulu and Netflix and every damn movie sub service) is that, there is a probability that a user will choose a badly made movie. And trust me, there are a lot of those on there.

In the spirit of supporting the African movie industries and it's players, I subscribed a few months ago and I am quite pleased. Irokotv has quite a few technical problems but their customer service is always on call and ready to assist.

With Nollywood being the third largest producer of movies worldwide, it is quite a hassle to find the right kind of movie so let your girl help you out. Me, I mean. I really don't want you wasting your fried plantain on a "not worth it" movie.

The movies are categorized into genres as Thriller, Ghanaian, Yoruba, Traditional, En Francais(In French), Hausa, Classics, Award winning, etc.

In no particular order, these are my absolute top picks:


  • Jenifa's Diary (6 seasons of pure comedy, life lessons and fun).
  • Husbands of Lagos (must watch).
  • Delilah(confession: This series is so poorly made that you cannot stop watching).
  • V Republic (Ghanaian series featuring the stories of women going through it. Must watch).
  • Cougars (I really recommend this series).
  • Poisoned Bait (watch it).    


  • Rebecca (2 person cast; amazing plot).
  • Grey Dawn (thriller).
  • The Visit (4 person cast; absolutely insane and hilarious. Must watch).
  • Potomanto (some action).
  • Somewhere in Africa (civil war reenactment. Very well done).
  • House of Gold (a bit cliché but very good).
  • North East (heartwarming).
  • Amakye & Dede (just funny).
  • Love or something like that (I may have asked why a few times. That good).
  • A Northern Affair (Is there a thing as 10 stars?).
  • Devil in the Detail (Another 10 star movie).
  • Bursting Out (It's Genevieve Nnaji, duh).
  • If tomorrow never comes (tearjerker).
  • A Letter from Adam (intriguing).
  • 30 days in Atlanta (pure foolery).

   So, these made my list. If you have anymore to share, leave the titles in the comments section below and make our day :)