"Name it after your own children! You
witches will never leave us alone. We
will overcome you with the blood of
Jesus!", yelled the bus driver.

"Herh, don't let your eyes
cross their lashes. I can see you are
hungry for a fight today."

A crowd had gathered around the
bus. The driver was drank with anger.
He opened his door and came out. He
walked over to the side door.

"Woman, get out of my car! You sit in
my car, insult me and expect me to
drive you. Over my dead body. Now get out before I do something I
don't want to do."

"Young man, it's clear you have no
manners. Try me if you want to see
fire. If not for nothing, our
elders say if a toddler wants to know
the color scarlet, he sees that which
the eyes cannot behold.", said the finger-wagging older woman.

The station master, Mr. Sasraku tried
to intervene. He sensed trouble. He
was used to this driver's brashness
and impulsiveness. Secretly, he was

The driver had insulted him a
few weeks ago; he never apologized.
Mr. Sasraku had to let it go because he
wasn't one to dwell on such things.
The misunderstanding had started on
a busy Saturday afternoon. Saturdays
are market days and traffic usually was intense.

were so many travelers at the bus
station. They included traders and
patrons of goods. The driver had
parked in the middle of the road that
went out of the station; this caused a
standstill for a long time. The station
master saw the driver a distance away
from the condensed area and
implored him to move his bus from
the spot.

"Why do you speak to me as though
I have committed a heinous crime? Your senseless silent threats
make me want to leave this place. I
am tired of you all," the driver said.

"Ah what was the threat in what I
said? Why do you speak as if we have
a burning issue?" Mr. Sasraku said.

"I am tired of you all. But I want you
to know that I am not scared of you
guys. And tell your comrades too that
I am not afraid of them. Why do I
bother? I know you will tell them

"Are you accusing me of gossiping?"

"Yes. What will you do?"

"I will do nothing. One day you will
meet your match."

"You never feel shy of saying foolish
things, do you?".

"Ah what's the meaning of this. Who
do you think you are?".

"I am your uncle. You son of a nitwit!".

" Hey young man it's a slippery road
you want to travel. I may do
nothing to you, but this attitude of yours will
bring you down."

"Oh, go to hell. Who are you to
advise me? Are you done
straightening your own path. Comot
for there!"

Mr. Sasraku left the driver to his
outbursts. He had a reputation to
protect. It wouldn't be good for his reputation if people
who held him in high regard saw him
having an intense verbal exchange with the nuisance of a

The other passengers in the bus
supported the woman. They told the
driver to move the car. Besides, he
was the first to allow a foul word to
escape his lips. The driver was
angered more than ever by this.

"I don't blame you. You people have
not been to school. Illiterates," the
driver said.