Pet peeves are simply things that annoy or bother you. For me, pet peeves make me not only question the composition of the offender's brain but also their humanity. Maybe a tad bit dramatic but I have literally stopped talking to someone because whenever he ate, he might as well clean his mouth with his shirt because he always stained them!


In no order at all, here are my top pet peeves:

  1. Rubbing coins together. I freaking hate it.
  2. Wet socks, towels, rugs. Just gross.
  3. Leaving socks in shoes. Why?
  4. An unorganized vanity.
  5. Mixing sweet and salty together. I will NEVER eat pineapple fried rice or honey glazed wings and pineapple pizza should be a felony.
  6. Men who do not put down the toilet seat. I could disown my brother over this.
  7. Eating and talking. Who raised you? Also food stains in a shirt. UUGGGGHH!
  8. Sexism.
  9. Sexists who want to justify their sexism with "physical strength of men" theory. Just go away.
  10. The statement "as a man". My brain just shuts down after that. Its blah, blah, blah after that line. Lame excuse to blame behavior on gender.
  11. Women who live for gossip. Get another job.
  12. Kids yelling on top of their lungs. I won't apologize for this. I hate it.
  13. People who sleep comfortably in planes. I hate you. I really do.
  14. When the plane turns sharply. Sir/Ma'am Pilot, can you not? Can I get a alert? Damn!
  15. When a makeup counter employee tells me "You are not that dark" as a compliment. I could get violent but I won't.
  16. "For only 50 cents a day, this child". GIRL, SHUT YOUR LYING ASS UP! Where has all the charity money collected over the years gone to? Administrative costs? Celebrity endorsement payouts? Bonuses? TV ads? Just bye.
  17. People assuming I don't show much of my life on social media because I'm pregnant. No, ma'am. I just want you to mind your business.
  18. I just realized all my pet peeves are caused by other people so PEOPLE. People are a lot of work.