Woah. So i took a break the size of Texas and Chad. It was a long, necessary pause from writing. If you look around carefully, you'll see that something has changed. Yes, i upgraded the website. We are getting older and more fab.

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If you have been disconnected from me, welcome back. I miss you, too. March 2nd, the day Bon Jovi, Method Man from the Wu Tang Clan and myself were born. It is peak pisces season and as such, i chose to spend my birthday by the water. I chose Adi Lake Resort in Atimpoku, near Akosombo in the Volta Region of Ghana. I had been there once before even though, it was not an enjoyable time. I still decided to give it another try and i am glad I did. 

Two of my friends and I decided to turn it into a girls trip and see what the day brings. We fueled my old lady, Bernice the Maxima and off we went. One and a half hours of pure tar, a few potholes and a few monkeys lined up by the roadside later, we arrived at our resort. 

I am a sucker, SUCKER for water bodies. Lakes. Ponds. Estuaries. Seas. Oceans. Pools. You name it but.....i can't swim. As a water sign, yes it is quite embarrassing. I want to be in close proximity but not necessarily on or in it, got it? The property has seen much better days but it's charm is still alive and well. If they throw some paint on it, get a website and social media presence, this place will be the go-to spot for everyone who loves to play.  

The staff, Savior, Ibrahim the chef and Abdul are absolutely committed to making your stay amazing. Oh and if you go, get the banku. It is the oddest yet most delicious texture of banku i have ever had. I can still feel the green sauce in my veins!!!! They even tried to get us to stay an extra day!! If only I was unemployed or had a break, i would have taken them up on that offer. I mean, the iconic Adomi Bridge is in the neighborhood. 

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We spent the day at The Royal Senchi Hotel and my goodness, everything was perfect. I got a pedicure while my friends attempted their very best Michael Phelps skills. Their food was the freshest out of everything we ate on this trip and delicious too. The views on their boat tour of the Volta river was breathtaking. It is a gorgeous property.  

On a deeper level, i thank God for my life. 27. 277777??! I didn't even know what my life would look like at this age but it's not bad, at all. I am generally happy and excited about the future. Cliche but real. 

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This blog is so fancy now. Look at us adding video content and thiiingggzzz. I'm seriously proud of us.

We are growing ooo, chale!!!