Hey party people, here goes another perfect start to the weekdays. Meet Ghanaian spoken word artist and musician, Kweiks.

Kweiks (known in private life as, Kweku Sakyi) has been on the scene for quite a while now and his music is a fusion of his spoken word background, storytelling and a lot of rhymes. I am yet to hear a track of his I do not like and I am quite difficult to please. Proudly so.

In the Ghanaian music industry, as we discussed last week, it is quite a hassle to become a mainstream artiste. New artistes, especially in unpopular genres have a lot of hoops to jump through to get to the mainstream. Since, I came in contact with him a few years ago, Kweiks has consistently put out one good track/project after the other.

Listen to Kweiks ft. Wanlov the Kubolor - Whisper in your Ear.

On his Soundcloud bio, he describes himself as an artist who has "fused the art of story telling with the skill of writing with humor, rhymes and rhythm to create amazing pictures in spoken word and poetry". Gone are the days when "Bless The Mic" brought together talented poets/musicians and an eager Ghanaian audience who were in love with the arts. One hardly hears of any similar events in recent times. 

One of my favorite Kweiks' track:

If you are not yet following him on social media, do yourself a favor and follow this uber talented, extremely witty and occasionally bald musician @kweikslive on Twitter and Instagram.

His latest work #DOTO was all sorts of amazing. Whenever someone hones their craft, it is easily translated into art and that was exactly what Kweiks did with his latest track. From the video to the music to the cover art.

Press play, enjoy and ace this week!!!

Visit KWEIKS LIVE ON SOUNDCLOUD for all his latest work.