Happy Monday party people, another Monday, another tune.

So my brother has been making noise about this Ghanaian musician so I just dived into his music and the hype is really real!

From what I know, he is actually Nigerian. Does that fact matter? I am hooked!!!!! His music and style(and his straw wide brim hat) are just really out there. He sounds like someone who will be around for a loooong while!

My favorite song though is SKINTIGHT. If you are not familiar with Ghanaian pidgin English, it may be a hard listen. OR not. We all understand good music regardless of the language of instruction, right?

He pretty much is saying (loosely translating) he wants to be "tight" (very close) with this girl because she stayed around when he had nothing (no money) **insert swoon and the longest eye roll**. How cute.

I believe the video was shot at Zaina Lodge.

Mr. Eazi's music is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @mreazi.

So Eazi to the World, enjoy SKINTIGHT with my #WCE Efya!!1

***CREDIT:: Mr. Eazi YouTube Channel.