"Who are you calling an illiterate?
What are you, a graduate? And you
don't fly a plane! My father was a
driver and it's idiots like you that
taint their image," a passenger in the
back seat said.

"Some of us use a pen everyday. We
write till the ink runs out. What do
you do with a pen except to stake the
lottery? And then you call us illiterates?
Something must be wrong with you,"
another passenger said.

The driver's mate supported his
master. He claimed the driver needed
his peace of mind to drive and that
the passengers were doing the
opposite. He added that some people
are possessed by unfamiliar spirits
but are unaware of them.

"You tell your master that. Where
were you when he was he was
insulting us? He is the one who
needs to be exorcised. Youngman,
don't bring yourself," the woman

"I am not moving the car an inch if
this woman does not get down," the
driver said.

"Who are you threatening? We can
also get down?", a passenger said.

"I thought you said you would force
me down, what are you waiting for?".

"Look woman I don't have time for
you. You are a woman of no
importance.", said the driver.

Just then, the driver's car owner

"Hey driver, what's the meaning of the
noise and why is the bus full but
hasn't moved?", the owner said.

"It's this old woman's fault. She
doesn't want the car to move", the
driver said.

The passengers said the driver was
telling lies.

"Papa driver, how is the old
woman preventing the bus from
moving? Is the key with her? By the way
who is she, can you point her out?".

“Of course. She is the one with the
black head scarf and ugly nose."

"He-goat, how dare you insult my
mother in- law. You are fired," the car
owner said.

" Maame, I am terribly

"Don't worry my son. It's not your

"Master, I am sorry. Please forgive
me. Maame, I am so sorry.
Please forgive me," the driver said.

He was on his knees. There were
tears in his eyes; they needed a little
push to fall.

"Maame, please beg my boss for me.
If I loose this job I will not be able
to cater for my family. Masa, I am

"I have had enough of you. Every day
I receive a complaint of you and now
this. I can't take it anymore."

"Maame please beg Masa for me. I
am so sorry."

"Now you want me to beg for you.
You are sorry eh. Hmmmm. My son
our elders say if your child urinates
on your leg you don't cut it off. Give
him a second chance. I know he will
turn over a new leaf after this. Papa
driver, I hope you don't disappoint
me." said the woman.

"Maame, if not for you I would have
given him the axe. You have Maame
to thank," the car owner said.

"Thank you Maame. I am grateful
Masa. I will not disappoint you."

The passengers looked on in
amazement. Fragile, is
the ego of man.