"I am a crazy girlfriend. I will cut him if he tries me."

"This is me! I know I am crazy"(320 comment likes).

"If you dare leave, I will be in your bushes and on your porch, EVERYDAY!!"

"Here is a skit of me threatening my boyfriend with a knife because he liked another girl's photo on Instagram. Hahaha. Let's laugh."

Social media has glorified a lot of nonsense. Otherwise unsavory behavior is hailed and becomes a trend. Some of it is very hilarious. Sarcasm is the language of any well-versed social media maven/fanatic. Millennials, especially love to be goofy online. That is our alternate universe. I am okay with this. Hell, I enjoy it. I may even participate in a hashtag or two.


Violence is violence.

I have seen a rather disturbing trend of women being filmed inflicting/threathening physical pain and berating their partners JUST for clicks and laughs. Some of these videos are real life situations caught on camera. From Instagram skits to short videos on YouTube. I want to ask this question, "WHY IS VIOLENCE DEEMED FUNNY AND MATERIAL FOR ENTERTAINMENT WHEN MEN ARE AT THE RECEIVING END?".

Double standards exist in everything in life. From personal grooming to salaries. It is nothing new but in a world where we are preaching against violence inflicted on women, why are we being silent when the same thing is being done to men? Why is this behavior dismissed as just "CRAZY"? I have seen some men glorify the "crazy" nature of Latinas and Caribbean women. This is a stereotype, of course. But to make this sound like it is an acceptable & desirable character trait is very disturbing. Someway, somehow being seen as the crazy girlfriend is sexy in this age. I don't claim to understand the way of the world in the 21st century but this is just not okay.

In the past week or so, South African women coined the hashtag "MEN ARE TRASH" to have a conversation about the incredible violence currently facing women in South Africa. In a few short months, multiple women have been either raped, murdered & mutilated in South Africa. As I write this, I just saw a protest going on in South Africa, posted on twitter to raise awareness about this sort of violence dubbed #NOTINMYNAME. There were several men in the protest as well. I appreciate the owning up and solidarity they showed with his protest. I am not out here trying to champion men's cause (because Lord knows they need to do better) but wrong is wrong. Equality has to be for all OR it means nothing.

When we call someone or a behavior crazy, we dismiss the issue. We chalk it up to just something "they" do. Something that is not to be understood or taken seriously. We get on men for leaning on patriarchy to inflict violence on women. Why then is the same society enabling this gross behavior from women?

And to the women who pride themselves as crazy. Sis, you are not crazy. You are an immature woman who does not know what the proper recourse is when you are hit with a roadblock. Learn how to use the proper tools to address issues. The yelling, sugar-in-his-gas-tank, subbing on twitter and tantrums (especially online) is NOT CUTE.

Get it together!