Hi people, so this is our first installment of music Mondays. Every Monday, I will be bringing you my favorite tune and/or new artiste.

In the African realm of music, it is very difficult to break into the mainstream. Musicians and wannabe musicians usually have to network and build their base by themselves. There are hardly any record labels and those that exist are usually tight-knit.

So, in the spirit of promoting African tunes and genres like hilife, I bring you music from your new favorite highlife artiste, Nana Poku.

Highlife is said to originate from my home country of Ghana but in recent years, pop and rap have all but taken over the Ghanaian music industry. Born out of hilife is a fairly formidable genre called Hiplife aka Hip-hop + Hilife. Named by legendary music godfather REGGIE ROCKSTONE, hiplife has birthed the careers of several musicians in the country of 25 million. Has hiplife replaced Highlife? I think not.

A lot of current hiplife songs borrow beats and composition from old hilife songs. So, that goes without saying that both genres mirror each other now.

Nana Poku is a musician from Ghana but currently lives in the UK. I have used a couple of his songs for my YouTube videos and have had to send it to subscribers who loved his music. What kind of person will I be if I don't share his work with you.

Here is the first single that got my attention:

The uniqueness, lyricism and storytelling in highlife is why it is still my top genre in life!! It has the same effect country music has on me. In an age where you can barely hear the lyrics of a song, Nana Poku's narration in his music is greatly appreciated.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate Desiigner's Panda but the fact that I have to make up my own words to the beat is quite concerning. Do millennials appreciate good music? I think we still do.

Here is another one from Nana Opoku:

In the coming weeks, I'll bring good and "singable" songs your way (that is not a word. I totally made it up but you get it).

So party people, I leave you with Nana Poku's newest single. A fusion of good ol' hilife and a tad bit of hiplife which is the kind of highlife millennials appreciate.

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